01-10-10 Live Event Starts

Sunday, January 10, 2010
Category: Games
After a lengthy wait, the time has finally come for our participants to travel in the real world! We are aware that some zones are having difficulties finding people to attend the "Readings" which will occur throughout the week. As of now, all zones are permitted to share on any forum the information required to get someone in your respective zones to the reading and are extending the deadlines slightly to allow more time to secure someone.

Zone 8 - First Place - Has already confirmed their attendee.
Zone 5 - Second Place - Deadline extended to Monday Night at 11 PM EST.
Zone 6 - Third Place - Deadline extended to Wednesday at 11 PM CST.
Zone 7 - Fourth Place - Deadline extended to Thursday at 11 PM MST.

A password has now been sent to each zone that will be required of the citizen to state to the psychic. This password should NOT be revealed to the other zones.

A great deal of work, time, and money has gone into securing the times/dates as quickly as possible as zones finished and are not able to be rescheduled. Furthermore, the compass gained from the Psychics is a REQUIREMENT to officially CHECK-IN. A phone reading is simply not possible.

Once a zone has been to the Psychic, NO CONTACT should be made with the other zones until the first check-in at which point the first "leg" can be discussed in full since no clues will be the same from that point on.

We wish all zones the best of luck as this live event plays out over the next several months. Yes, we just said MONTHS.

Mark, Josh, & Kevin
Staff of the Magi Productions Inc.

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