01 11 10 Citizen Confirmation

[11 Jan 2010 | Monday] 7:41 PM
Category: Games
As of now, 3 of the 4 zones have confirmed their citizen who will be attending leaving only Zone 7. We are asking that if after attending your Reading, you enjoyed the experience to post on the forums that you did and to send e-mails to those at the ARGN stating such as well. Hopefully, they will cover it in the news section, or those on the forums will pick up on the fact that people are having a great time.

We believe this event will prove that we belong in the genre once and for all as it has been in the works for so long and so much effort by all of us here has been put into it. In order to ensure future productions, we need your help!

We ask that nobody who attends the Readings spoil anything for the other zones. On Friday night, after the last zone has made the reading, you may post pictures of the "Compass" and get more people involved. We will post a new blog when this has happened!

A HUGE Thank you goes out to all who are participating in this event as we cannot do what we do without you.

Again, good luck to ALL ZONES!


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