01-16-10 Checkin/X-fact/Flags

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CHeck-In Procedures/X-Fact
or/Contingency Flags

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First off, we must apologize, as it we seem to be having some difficulties uploading to the server today. To make sure that you all understand how check-ins work, we wanted to make a post somewhere, so here will have to do for the day.

The first check-in requirements are as follows: The Runner must possess the compass in hand and when you arrive at the town/city of the check-in, your task is to find a place with internet access. At that point you should log-in with your compass and upload a picture of yourself with the compass AND a local newspaper OF THAT TOWN/CITY in front of the welcome to Town/City sign, to your FTP account. Once this has been done, you will be considered as checked in. From that point there is a mandatory 24 hour waiting period before continuing on. This DOES NOT mean that you need to stay in that town/city. 24 hours after check-in, you will receive CLUE 8.

X-Factor is on the loose and is targeting the first place zone which as of now is Zone 8. Should X-Factor catch up to any citizen, that zone's compass will be suspended for a period of 24 hours. He will ask you for your compass at which time you MUST surrender it. He CANNOT physically harm anyone, but can cause your zone serious headaches. As the test progresses, his powers will increase, but for now this is all he is capable of.

All zones have earned their first Contingency Flags. Details on what flag you have earned as well as updated Contingency Flag sheets will be sent to all Representatives tomorrow. We apologize for the delay, but assure you everything will be done by tomorrow.

Good luck to all zones!

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