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We wanted to clarify a few issues and concerns citizens and runners have expressed to us as well as address the first check-in problem all zones are having. First thing is that Zone Runners DO NOT have to exchange the compass every "x" miles. The travel limitation is only for the Representative, not the Citizens or Runners. One person could travel the entire distance to the check-in if they felt so inclined OR could do an in-person handoff as many times as necessary to get the compass to the check-in (Passing it from Runner to Runner).

The compass will also NOT self-destruct if you do not make it to the check-in on time or do not log-in every 12 hours. A time penalty will be imposed AND/OR the compass may be "Disabled" for a period of time, but it will NOT self-destruct.

Self-destruct will ONLY occur if an incorrect password is input into the compass a certain number of times in a row OR under special circumstances which will not apply in the first leg.

The check-in locations for the first leg have been changed due to circumstances beyond the Runners/Citizens control AND the time has been extended by 6 days for all zones. The new check-in time is:

Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 4:30 PM Z*0 Time.

The New Check-in Locations are as follows:

Zone 5:
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Zone 6:
Amarillo, Texas

Zone 7:
St. George, Utah

Zone 8:
Reno, Nevada

We ask that you understand our position of fairness to all zones and that this is a ONE TIME extension. In return, we will make sure that future check-ins are adjusted according to what we believe each zone is capable of with their current number of players. It is the responsibility of each Representative to keep THE FOUNDATION updated with a rough total of how many players they have in their zone actively participating (Every Sunday would be great). If it is determined that a Representative is being deceptive on the issue, that zone will be penalized.

To date, we have only assessed ONE penalty. That WILL change in the second leg. Expect many challenges to come, and not just with the compass. Zones will have to really pull together to accomplish these challenges.

One other item of note is that we have intentionally held back on the story for the last several weeks because of wanting the zones to adjust to the live event portion of the game, but with the start of the second leg, expect the story to take off in unexpected ways. There are many characters that have yet to even be introduced and some that will take a more prominent role including the film debut of Father Sheamus!!!

AND YES… X-Factor is out there.

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