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Technical Difficulties/Weather issues
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We are working to co
rrect and solve some technical and weather related game issues many are experiencing. Several of our websites are having technical problems while a couple of the zones have been dealing with severe weather almost since the launch of the live event. This has caused us to have to make delays and give extensions to some zones. We also recognize that some zones are still able to achieve their goals and should not be punished for doing so just as those who cannot due to weather shouldn't.

We expect to have all website issues resolved in the next day or two and promise that the second act of the story will begin to take shape this week as well with new material from Your Light in the Dark and Dave Dolan. Several new videos are either completed or in the works and will launch over the next few weeks to help further the story as well.

Zone 6 was the first to reach the mission briefing site and will receive their mission details on Monday March 1, 2010. It is our hope that the severe weather will begin to subside in the coming weeks. The deadline for the check-in is being extended and the new time will be given out on Monday to ALL zones. The mission will be difficult, but certainly not impossible. It is divided into two parts and will require assistance from every participant in each zone! So now is your chance to get involved if you have not yet!

After the second check-in, all zones should be winter weather free and no further extensions will be granted unless it can be proven to be an absolute emergency.

One more thing. We will be guests on the FINAL ARGNetcast on March 22, 2010. During the interview we will be revealing details on what prizes will be given to those participants who ace "The Test".

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