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Major Update (All Zone Reps, Participants Please Read)

There are many decisions we made over the last couple of months that we wish we could take back. One of the worst decisions we made was to launch the live event in what would end up being one of the harshest winters in recorded history for most of the nation. Weather has played an instrumental role in keeping all zones from reaching checkpoints, mission briefing stops, and making travel in general a nightmare for far too many people. The weather cannot take full blame however. We own up to the fact that we have stumbled due to a compounding chain of events over several weeks.

The decision to not allow participants to mail objects was in hind sight a mistake also. The thought was to create the feeling of being isolated while directly helping in tracking progress of those actively participating.

We also understand that we unintentionally upset several participants by making hasty posts and to Palm who has supported us since day one of our company's founding practically we owe the biggest of apologies. You have done stunning work with the wikis you have run and hurting your feelings was never our intent. There is still a bonus from this production headed your way when the Actress who is using the prop is finished with filming. Keep up the great work!

The role in which the compass is being used was intended to change after the mission was completed to be more useful to a Zone and have more people be able to help support any individual who possesses a compass.

The launch of the compasses went relatively well overall. There were a few hiccups with passwords, but in general all zones had a good time at the drop locations. We have known for weeks that changes needed to be made. We thought they would be mild at first and they were. It did not take long for things to spiral to a point where all zones had ceased movement due to weather.

The decision was nearly made to pull the plug entirely for everyone's safety. During this time we received several e-mails from those of you wanting us to continue on. In order for things to continue on and be fun for all zones and fair to those who have done everything that has been asked of them and more, there are many changes need to be made.

Bad luck also had a factor to play here. We spent hours each day working on solutions only to find out something more crippling by the end of the day, making everything we had just done worthless. Poor communication on our part made the situation worse. Our thought process was that the participants wanted solutions. Communication is equally important. We vow this to not ever happen again.

The time required is about two weeks to make the modifications necessary and impliment them into the experience so that everyone is on the same page when we continue.

For those of you who have stood with us this long, we ask that you give us the time necessary to make things right. We want this thing to end the way we intended it to and give you all the experience you deserve. There is a massive reward waiting to be earned, but if we told you what it was, it would ruin the surprise.

The story will continue with a new transmission and a few other surprises so that when things do return to normal, everything is a "go". Most of the changes we will be making fortunately work in the direction the storyline is headed. All zones will be able to utilize what resources they have available to participate and lend their helping hands.

The mission of the second leg will be started by all zones on March 21, 2010 with all zones being able to have their choice of the four challenge selections. A new VIDEO which will detail what the rule changes are, objectives updates, and other changes will be available for viewing sometime on March 20, 2010. Until then, all zones are on "Hold" status. All Zones have their current positions and achievements documented.

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