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We are nearly ready for the re-launch of the live event! We have been taking our time to ensure that everything is right and that potential problems will be minimalized as much as possible. The previously mentioned re-launch date of 3/21/10 is being pushed back slightly by 5 days to 3/26/10 to make sure that all of our ducks are in a row and that things are perfect for the relaunch.

All Zone Reps will be getting an e-mail tomorrow (3/21/10) which will detail what we need from each Zone and hope to get the responses back by 3/23/10 so that everything is finalized before Friday.

We understand that everyone is excited for things to start up again, but rather than have them stopped a few days later because things were not completely ready would only further set things back anyway, so it is better to get them right before launch.

We will address some of the issues we have had and perhaps reveal a few surprises during our interview on Monday night during the FINAL NETCAST ever from the ARGN. We hope you will join us!

Staff of the Magi Productions Inc

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