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Reason for Delay
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We are currently trying to locate all four keys. Since noone has checked in recently, we need all four Zone Reps to let us know who has the key for their zone, and what state they are in.

The launch is nearly set to go, but we need to know that the keys are all in the hands of the Runners for each zone and that none are missing.

Once we have confirmation of the four keys locations, the event will restart. The video is still in post production and will be a few days before being posted. ALL DETAILS necessary for the restart will be included in e-mails to the Zone Reps and through special uploads to the Runners' FTP. The video will be posted as soon as it is through post production. (The video will be worth the wait).

The restart will begin with the new challenge pertaining to imagination and will dictate for us the information we need to determine how the second half of the test/race will progress for each of the zones both independently and collectively. We have multiple "Contingency Plans" this time which should prevent any future problems.

If you are a Zone Rep or a Runner and have one of the keys, please send a message stating which zone you are in to moc.noitadnuofycnegnitnoc|sevitatneserper#moc.noitadnuofycnegnitnoc|sevitatneserper

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