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Hopefully final update before relaunch
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We are now awaiting response from Crocen, the Rep for Zone 7 on the arrival of the compass to him. He is the ONLY participant remaining in that zone.

The current Runner has stated that the compass is being mailed to Crocen. When this happens and we receive confirmation, there will be several things that happen simultaneously, all pertaining to the relaunch of the live event, and in the storyline which has been slightly altered to accomodate all zones fairly. Make sure to check out the Contingency Foundation site to see a list of changes once the race resumes. A list of the major changes will also be sent to each Zone Representative.

We will keep you posted with constant updates from this point forward. We know that everyone is excited to get this thing going again, and you can count us in with you. Thank you again for your patience while we finish sorting this all out.

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