05-08-10 CHAT COMING


Chat Upcoming
Category: Games
The Challenge is due in four days and we have not received word from any Zone that it has been completed. Due to the inactivity in the game, we have decided to hold a chat at the end of this challenge. The chat will address the issues everyone has been experiencing directly with those of you who are still participating. The goal would be to see what we can do to keep the production going.

While we want this production to continue, it would not make sense to do so if the number participating is too low. We are open to options and that is what the chat will be for.

We thank all of you who have stuck with us and for the kindness in many of the e-mails we have received asking that we continue our work. Should the production be stopped, it would not mean that it could not be returned to at a later time. We have even considered playing the storyline out without the use of the IronKeys.

We will post an update on the date and time of the chat on Wednesday after the challenge deadline has expired.

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