05-18-10 Explanation


On Hold…Not Over
Category: Games
Yesterday, we posted a blog stating that the production has been placed on indefinite hold. This is not an attempt at abandoning the production. On Monday morning, Josh Mobley resigned from the company and with him we also lost some of the talent that was working on the production. Josh's departure was huge as he was the director and one of the driving forces behind Something is Coming.

A chat will still be held in the near future where you can tell us what we can do to keep this production going. In the meantime, we are working on finding replacements for those that have left the company and/or production which is going to take time. The concensus amongst those still involved in the production is that they want to continue as well.

We know that many of you out there put a lot of time and money into traveling for this production and the last thing we want is to let you down. Right now however, we need some time to sort things out and pick up the pieces.

Mark and Kevin
Staff of the Magi Productions Inc.

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