[18 Jul 2009 | Saturday] 3:38 PM
E:2 — Store — Live Event Coming Soon!!!!
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We are excited to announce that a new store will be opening up Tuesday morning where you can purchase items related to Something is Coming as well as for ALL of our productions past, present, and future. We are teaming up with spreadshirt in order to make shipping and turnaround times faster.

While we feel that the launch of Something is Coming went extremely well, there seems to be some confusion, so we are here to clear it up. Look for some hints as to what is required in Randy's blog which will be released tomorrow (7/19/2009). We will say that we did receive a minimum of one correct submission already, so get to work!!!

E:2 will be released approximately on August 1, 2009! Harper's Ford and the radio broadcasts are only the beginning and NOT the only websites out there waiting to be discovered.


E:2 will launch a NATIONWIDE live event!!!! A large amount of money and time has been put into creating this event (planning began in Spring 2008). We are asking that everyone who is playing to get others involved in SIC now, as the live event will require many participants. The event is free, and no items from the store are being sold in order to participate. Look for ads at www.argn.com and our official site (www.staffofthemagi.com) in the next week. We promise it is an event that has not been attempted before and is one you will never forget. Full details coming soon!

The items being sold in the store are helping to cover the costs associated with creating this experience and will help ensure that there ARE future productons and live events. Any purchase will help us with those costs. Plus, you will look cool while wearing our swag! Once the store is live, we will issue an update providing a link to the store!

Thank you again for allowing us the honor of entertaining you!

Mark, Josh, & Kevin

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