"[22 Sep 2009 | Tuesday] 6:12 PM
Category: Games
We apologize for the lack of updates for the production, but we have been busy organizing and finalizing the Live Event which begins on October 31, 2009 which has taken us across the country over the last two weeks.

Make sure to check out the websitContingency Foundatione for details on how to get involved. Although we have received a moderate amount of applications, we are still seeking appliants for the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones. We are still accepting applications however for any zone until October 8, 2009.

Over the next couple of days all in-game websites will be updated including new transmissions from within the Barrier at Harper's Ford.

The Live Event will be incredibily interactive and full details will be revealed as the launch gets closer including the announcement of a very special prize which will go to two lucky individuals."

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