10 18 09

[18 Oct 2009 | Sunday] 1:51 PM
Category: Games
Our production has been running since April, and we have sponsored ARGFest for the last two years running and intend to do so again for many years to come. We even made an appearance on the ARGNetcast earlier this year. It confuses and saddens those of us within the company that the ARGN website has not even considered us to be added to the Now Playing section of the website for our current production. We have placed a couple of ads on their website to help promote the production and to bring in new players. While this has helped, we still feel that they can do better and that the players of our experience deserve better.

If you are a participant, please consider sending the ARGN an e-mail asking that we be placed in the now playing section.

You can find the original announcement HERE

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