10 30 09

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Final Advice

With only one more day to go, we hope that everyone is excited to get started with the live event. We want to give some final advice and make everyone aware of a few important details.

First and foremost, all zone representatives are advised to start a MySpace or Twitter account as a rep where citizens of your zone can find you easily at any time. This will make commication easier on everyone.

Think of the event as a Nationwide Treasure Hunt. There will be travel involved, but that will not always be the case, and times may arrise where you are not able to travel at all. Being that there is travel involved and that we want everyone to have a good time, we need everyone to be on the same page when it comes to basic safety.

The biggest rule of all is this:

Do not ruin the good time of others by being selfish

Please obey all state traffic laws including not mixing drinking with driving. We cannot stress this enough. Attempting to drive when you have had too much to drink is senseless and could get someone including yourself injured or worse.

There will be times where participants will have to interact with one another in the real world. Please be courteous to the other participants and understand that everyone is trying to have fun while remaining competitive. There should never be any physical altercations because of a disagreement. If in doubt, communicate with your Zone Representative or contact us.

The event will play out over an extended period of time, and sometimes if it appears that there is nowhere to go, it may just be that you are waiting for something to happen that has not yet. Be patient, play fair, and this event will be one you will be talking about for years to come.

A special prize will go to out to one zone that demonstrates the best use of the rules while other prizes will go out to all zones. Details on these prizes will be revealed as the event plays out.

Good luck to all zones and have fun! See you all tomorrow!

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