10 31 09

31 Oct 2009 | Saturday] 7:49 PM
Category: Games
We are still experiencing difficulties with video uploads and have been throughout the entire day. Everything else is in place to launch. We will be working non-stop until we have everything up and ready. The decision has been made to delay the launch by 24 hours from the original time. This will make the start 3:00 PM EST tomorrow 11/1/09. In return, a full 24 hours will be added to the clock to complete end of the first segment of the race. This is not a Halloween trick and we are as upset about this as all of you are. Zone Representatives should check their e-mails that they registered with at exactly 3:00 PM EST for initial instructions.

We cannot aplogize enough for this turn of events, but they are beyond our control. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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