11-01-09 Announcement StaffoftheMagiSunday, November 01, 2009
Event Launched
Category: Games
Everything is now in place and the event has officially started. YouTube has been having issues all day long and the video is currently uploaded and ready to go. When YouTube comes back up, the video will be available for viewing. We once again aplogize for the delay and hope that you can forgive us.

All Zone Representatives now have the information required to get you started. Good luck to all participants!

UPDATE: YouTube is back online and the event is now fully underway. Thank you all for your patience. We hope that everyone enjoys what we have in store for you all. Remember that this event will play out over an EXTENDED period of time. It may seem like it is starting off slow, but with each passing week, expect the stakes to continually be raised.

The original announcment can be seen here:

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