11 07 09

November 7, 2009

New ZN8 REP/Rules Updated

Brian Morton has stepped down as the ZN8 Representative and has been replaced by Sylvaness. Sylvaness is still limited to the 50 mile travel limit that the original Representative possessed. The Rules have been updated to include the procedure for replacing a Representative and what is considered the end of a day or week during the test.

- Should the need to replace a representative in a particular zone become necessary, the citizens of that zone will determine the new representative by way of a vote. Depending upon certain circumstances, the foundation may prohibit specific citizens from becoming that replacement and shall have final say in the matter. A replacement representative will be limited to the same travel limits set by the original representative of that zone.

- The end of a day is 20:00 Z*0 time and a new day begins at 20:01:01. The week ends on sunday at 20:00 Z*0 time and a new one begins at 20:00:01.

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