Harper's Ford Transmissions

Recorded March 19, 2009, Six days after Appearance of Barrier

“Okay, here goes nothing. This is Dave Dolan, manager and owner of WKHF 104.9 radio in Harper’s Ford. According to our clocks it is 10 PM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday. Eddie Moran JR tells me this altered and strengthened signal has some chance at punching through the barrier that surrounds Harper’s Ford. He’s up on the tower roof, outside the station, trying to make this happen. We have to do it at night to avoid the home guard. But the trees are active at night. I imagine the guard was surprised not to find us at the lighthouse. We all have to take risks, and we can only hope this works. As near as we can tell, we’re trapped in an area approximately 100 square miles in size. Nothing we’ve tried penetrates the barrier. Even home guards’ weapons and explosives have had no effect. The sky seems all wrong here, and I’m told the constellations make no sense. Lives have been lost, many died in the confusion and chaos of the first days. Some died from Stettler and his insanity, and some are lost to the creatures in here with us. We found a few potential allies from the place they call haven. Umm, they claim to have been isolated long before we were here and they’re almost as strange as our present situation. It is important that somewhere out there knows that we are not gone. We are not dead. I hope that Eddie is right and that you’ll find some way to free us. Please, help us. We will continue to broadcast on this frequency every Thursday night, at 10 PM, as long as we can. This is the voice of Harper’s Ford, signing off. “
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