January 15 2009

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Staff of the Magi Productions Inc
Press Release January 15, 2010

Something is coming live event

On April 1, 2009, Staff of the Magi Productions Inc. launched a new Alternate Reality Game titled "Something is Coming". The starting video showed two apparent teenage girls having a rather adult discussion over coffee in the middle of a bridge separating New Jersey and Pennsylvania about the fact that Something IS Coming. Over the last 8 months, participants have discovered that a small town known as Harper's Ford, Washington was the subject of an apparent attack and has been sealed off by an impenetrable barrier surrounding the town. Nothing has been able to get in or out of the town, despite trying. All attempts to contact those inside the barrier have also failed. WKHF Harper's Ford Radio owner Dave Dolan is the only person to have succesfully made any contact with the outside world. His brother Randy Dolan has taken over management of the Radio website and took it upon himself to intercept transmissions that Dave has managed to get through the barrier every Thursday night.

The United States attempted to hide that this was happening, but the secret could not be kept long. As word spread, fear in the United States grew that this was a sign of the end of the world. The United States government took over control of the Harper's Ford area and have not let anyone near it since. Months would pass and nothing terrible happened. Things went back to normal as they always do and Harper's Ford became almost a memory.

On August 2, 2009 a mysterious organization known only as the Contingency Foundation made its presence known. Alleged to be thousands of years old, they invoked Phase One of The International Barrier Act of 2009 and have put the United States under a quarantine, not allowing anyone in or out of the country and even annexed Hawaii and Alaska and dividing the continental United States (and the world) simply by time zones. They even grounded all domestic and international flights, stating that they know what is happening and that despite what it may appear, that they were here to help. They claim that no military in the world can stop them. To make matters worse, they also revealed that their sole purpose is to submit the United States to a "test" that should they fail, would mean the end of the world as we know it. A test administered twice before over the last 16 thousand years with both results being failure and the complete destruction of civilization.

Oddly enough, The United States along with other world governments have complied with all Foundation mandates forcing all flights to be grounded. Under Phase I, The Foundation issued an open invitation for residents of the United States to apply for representative of their respective time zones.With Representatives selected, the appearance of a second barrier in Silver Steel, North Dakota where everything inside was turned inside out with no survivors, forced the Foundation to move on to Phase II of the International Barrier Act which was to administer the test itself.

Initial objectives were presented to each zone where they were to locate their zone's "Compass" and make their way to the first check-in. Clues on how and where to obtain the compass were given to the Zone Representative (each Representatve has travel limits set by themselves unknowingly) to be distributed to their citizens. Solving the initial clues lead citizens to Psychics in each time zone where they were given a reading (with clues hidden throughout) and handed their zone's compass along with three possible locations of where the first check-in is located. Now citizens must use their compass to reach the first check-in with compass in hand by January 25, 2010 at 4:30 PM Z*0 time. Citizens have been told that they can make as many in-person exchanges of the compass as necessary to get it to the check-in.

We can NOW confirm what the compass is and what it is capable of along with some information on what the live event is and how it will play out. Obviously, we cannot reveal too much information, but certain details are acceptable.

Thanks to sponsorship from IRONKEY, we were able to secure four metallic flash drives with the Foundation Logo imprinted upon them. These are not ordinary flash drives, but the most secure flash drives in the world with some incredible unique features. They are able to be tracked across the United States most importantly, allowing us to monitor where the compass is in each zone. The devices are able to be deactivated temporarily (remotely) should a zone incur a time penalty of some kind and can even SELF-DESTRUCT should a wrong password be used to try to access the device too many times by falling into the wrong hands accidentally.

Each zone has an FTP account provided by the Foundation where information is to be downloaded to the compass. The compass holder or "Runner" has to submit a photograph of his or herself so we know who has the device currently. Then each day a photograph of a local newspaper, the Runner, and the compass is submitted to prove that they are not trying to cheat by mailing the device to another area. The device must be logged into every 12 hours or a penalty is assessed to that zone. Each zone can gain access to up to 3 "Contingency Flags" that must be earned and then activated. The flags hold certain powers that will aid their respective zones. An initial poll was released which allowed us to gauge the activity level of each zone before handing them out as some zones have more participants than others.

This is a unique treasure hunt/ race unlike anything the ARG community has ever seen. With 6 total check-ins located throughout each zone and unknown challenges awaiting them, this live event will play out over the next several MONTHS. How does the event tie into the storyline? Well, to answer that, you need to get involved!

Below are the e-mail addresses of each zone's Representative to get you started:

moc.noitadnuofycnegnitnoc|5nz#moc.noitadnuofycnegnitnoc|5nz (Eastern Time Zone)

moc.noitadnuofycnegnitnoc|6nz#moc.noitadnuofycnegnitnoc|6nz (Central Time Zone)

moc.noitadnuofycnegnitnoc|7nz#moc.noitadnuofycnegnitnoc|7nz (Mountain Time Zone)

moc.noitadnuofycnegnitnoc|8nz#moc.noitadnuofycnegnitnoc|8nz (Pacific Time Zone)

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