Phase 1

8-6-09 Section 1, Phase 1

A new video appeared titled Venatus Super describing the Internaitonal Barrier Act of 2009. The video can be found here: Venatus Super.

Points for Section 1, Phase 1 are:

1) US is under official quaranteen until further notice.
2) Hawaii and Alaska are their own entities and not part of the US until the quaranteen is lifted.
3) The rest of the country will be represented by region according to time zone.
4) Volunteers are being asked to step forward to be nominated as an Official representative of their official time zone (if you are not nominated, there is still a chance to get involved).
5) More information will be following for updated information at Contingency Foundation

8-6-09 Section 2, Phase 1

Points for Section 2, Phase 1 are:

1) The same exact message as outlined in Section 1, Phase 1 are being released to the leaders of every nation throughout the world, informing them about the quaranteen and the laws associated with it.
2) They have control of every satellite in the sky and have every right to use them to make sure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.
3) They are here to help
4) Do not try to destroy them with weapons.

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